Galaxy Sample Tracking System - User Functions

Creating a sequencing request (screencast)

1. Log into Galaxy and go to the Sequencing Requests page in the Lab menu. A user can see the Lab menu when they have at least one sequencing request (created by a lab manager) or if they have access permission to at least one active sequencer configuration. If a user does not have access permission to any sequencer configuration, then the user can only view the existing requests but cannot create any new sequencing request.

2. Click on the Create new request button on the top right of the page.

3. To create a new request, the first step is to select the appropriate sequencer configuration. After the Create new request button is clicked, a new page is displayed with a select box containing various sequencer configurations

     Select request type

4. Next, fill in the request form with the relevant details about the sequencing request and click on the Add samples button. If you are not ready to add samples to this sequencing request, then click on Save and you can add samples later.


5. Now, in the Sequencing Requests page, you will find the new request. Note that the state of the request is set to New (highlighted in grey). This state will change as the request goes through various stages.


6. At this point the request is ready but contains no samples. Click on the sequencing request name to go to the request page to add one or more samples to the same.

Submitting a Sequencing Request

Once all the required details of a sequencing request have been filled out and saved, then a user may submit the request. A sequencing request may be submitted either from the list on Sequencing Requests page by clicking on the small down arrow and clicking on Submit.