Galaxy Sample Tracking System

Sequencing Request

A sequencing request is a collection of samples and associated descriptive information. A user can create a new request on the Sequencing Requests page. 

Sequencing Request States

A request may go through four different states during its entire lifetime:

A sequencing request is assigned the New state after it is created by a user. The state remains New while the user adds one or more samples to the request.

A sequencing request moves to the Submitted state once it is submitted by the user. During this state the sequencing request is processed and cannot be edited by the user.

A sequencing request moves to the Rejected state if the sequencing facility administrator finds problems with the request and needs more information from the user. In this state the user can make changes to the sequencing request and submit the same again.

A sequencing request moves to the Complete state once all its samples have been processed.

Sample States

Like sequencing request, each of its samples goes through different states during its lifetime. These states are defined by the sequencing facility administrator and may be different in each Galaxy instance.