Galaxy Sample Tracking System - Admin Functions

Transferring datasets after completion of a sequencing run

Once a sequencing run is complete, the Admin can transfer the generated datasets to the target data library. 

Before going through the steps to transfer the datasets below, make sure the sequencer has been configured correctly. 

1. Log into Galaxy as an Admin and go to the Admin page.

2. Go to the Manage Requests page and click on the name of the request for which you want to transfer datasets.

3. In the Sequencing Request page, the samples grid (below) displays all the samples and their details. The Run Datasets column below shows the number of datasets in the sequencer, which have been associated with a sample. Notice here both the samples have no datasets associated with them.


4. To add one or more datasets to a sample, click on the sample down arrow next to the sample name. This will show a popup menu with the option to select datasets to transfer using the associated sequencer. Select this option.

5. A Data Transfer page will be displayed. Datasets are associated with a sample of a request. So here first select a sample and then select the datasets you would like to transfer. As shown below, the page displays the directory tree on the sequencer. You may select one or more dataset files by clicking on the checkbox of the left of each filename. Finally click on the Select datasets button to save the selection.


6. Once the datasets have been selected above, the manage datasets page will be displayed which lists all the datasets selected in the previous page. Here you may remove datasets which you may have mistakenly selected, rename the dataset name or start the actual transfer from the sequencer.

7. To transfer the datasets, select the datasets you want to transfer and click on the Transfer button. This will start the transfer process. The transfer itself may take several minutes to complete depending on the dataset file sizes. The Transfer Status column will update the current status (Not Started, In queue, Transferring dataset, Adding to the data library, Complete) of the transfer automatically. 

8. Click on the Browse target data library button on the top left of the page to go to the data library page which will now contain transferred datasets.