Galaxy Sample Tracking System - Administrative Functions

Setup the sample tracking system according to the core facility workflow

The sample tracking system in Galaxy can be easily customized to suit the workflow of the core facility. 

1. Galaxy web forms makes it possible for admin users to specify the information they would like to collect from the customers when they submit a sequencing request. Each sequencing request consists of two forms: a request form and a sample form. A request form has fields used to collect information regarding the entire request. Where as a sample form has fields to collect information about individual samples.

2. A sequencer configuration is used to specify details about a sequencer in Galaxy. This includes the sample states it supports and login information to its data storage server. The sequencer configuration also includes a request and sample form. When the customer logs into Galaxy to create a sequencing request, they will need to choose from the list of sequencer configurations. This mechanism lets a core facility have multiple sequencers and different work processes that might have distinct sample states or might need dissimilar sample information from the customer.