Galaxy Sample Tracking System - Administrative Functions

Creating a sequencing request on behalf of another user (screencast)

To create a sequencing request for a facility user you need to:

1. Log into Galaxy and click on the Admin menu item at the top of the page (you need to be registered as one of the Administrators of a Galaxy instance).

2. Go to the Manage Requests link and click on the Create new request button. 

3. Next, select the appropriate sequencer configuration. After the Create new request button is clicked, a new page is displayed with a select box containing various sequencer configurations.


4. Fill in the request form with the relevant details about the sequencing request. Note that the Admin must select the regular user's Galaxy email address from the Select User select box. This sequencing request would be created on behalf of this user.


5. Once the form is filled out and saved, this new sequencing request will appear in the Manage Requests page with New as its state. Note that the sequencing request is created for the user previously selected. When the user logs into Galaxy, they will be able to see this request as well.


6. At this point the request is created but it is empty - it contains no samples. To add samples click on the sequencing request name ("Experiment002" in this case).