Tool: Tophat for Illumina
Name:Tophat on data 3 and data 2: accepted_hits
Created:Fri Dec 3 01:58:02 2010 (UTC)
Filesize:5.0 GB
Galaxy Tool ID:tophat
Galaxy Tool Version:1.2.0
Tool Version:None
Tool Standard Output:stdout
Tool Standard Error:stderr
Tool Exit Code:None
API ID:3e4107fff27e9573
History ID:47574e9922092446

Input Parameter Value Note for rerun
RNA-Seq FASTQ file not used (parameter was added after this job was run)
Use a built in reference genome or own from your history indexed
Select a reference genome /galaxy/data/mm9/bowtie_index/mm9
Is this library mate-paired? paired
RNA-Seq FASTQ file 3: FASTQ splitter on data 1
Mean Inner Distance between Mate Pairs 200
TopHat settings to use preSet

Inheritance Chain

Tophat on data 3 and data 2: accepted_hits